Monday, October 21, 2013

Land encroachment and insecurity issues take centre stage during Mashujaa day celebrations

By Daniel Mwendo
Mutomo sub county commissioner has warned local leaders against territorial encroachment. Speaking during Mashujaa day celebrations held at Mutomo stadium, the administrator implored the leaders to put aside party differences and serve the citizens who had elected them
“ I am also directing Chiefs and Sub chiefs to ensure that no illegal structures are erected at road reserves and other undesignated areas,” added Mr.Cherop who also  advised residents to use traditional methods of settling land disputes before the land commission was put on board to ensure a peaceful co-existence.
Mutomo Sub County Deputy County Commissioner
Mr. Cherop speaks during the Mashujaa day celebrations 
(Photo:Daniel Mwendo/MCV)
 Citing that Kitui South game reserve was a gazetted government property, Mr. Cherop ordered residents living on the reserve to leave with immediate effect.

Speaking during the event, the Local Member of Parliament, Dr.Rachael Kaki Nyamai informed her constituents that among the plans underway for implementation were; piping of water from Kithini to Mutomo town, issuing of university and college bursary in two weeks’ time and issuance of tittle deeds which the residents could use as collateral security to access financial aid.

She also criticized the county government for issuing a big chunk of money for building a mortuary citing that Mutomo residents were in more need of a spacious district hospital than a mortuary.

The ICC issue was not left out with the MP stating that she was of the opinion that the President should not go to the Hague based court.

Other local leaders who spoke during the event were Mutha member of County assembly Mr.Kavindi, Mutomo Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Mr. Benjamin Kyalo among others.

Mr Kavindi asked the government to provide a vehicle to Mutha police station because they were hiring motor cycles which is expensive thus hindering quality security services to the residents considering that Mutha Division borders Tana River district which poses a major security threat.

The Ikanga/Kyatune member of county assembly Mr. Jamhuri, said that the Kitui- Kibwezi road has remained un tarmacked because of disunity among the leaders in the area .He added that it was very unfortunate that this is the only B7 road in Kenya which is un tarmacked

The chairman of the chamber of commerce Mr. Kyalo Benjamin complained of the on-going harassment of businessmen whose buildings were constructed without council approval as this was both frustrating and embarrassing and retarding development in the area.

The local Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chairlady Mrs. Esther Musau implored residents to protect their resources through supporting the government in the war against poaching and charcoal burning.

Stephen Muliki ,a former colonial era chief caused laughter when he said  that the local member of parliament,Dr Rachael should be regarded as  one of the local heroes because she is the first woman member of parliament in Kitui south since independence. Other local heroes are the late chief Nzuki Muliki from kanziko who made it mandatory for every person in Kanziko to go to school, Chief Mwanduka Kisemei who donated land for the construction of the Mutomo Mission Hospital ,Matuku Muoka from ikutha among others.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mutomo residents celebrate global hand washing day

By Daniel Mwendo
Global hand washing day celebrations are held every 15th October worldwide. In Mutomo, the celebrations were held at Mutomo primary school grounds.The function was sponsored by World Vision (Mutomo) in partnership with the Ministries of Water, Health and Education among others.

The event is annually held as a reminder to the people that hand washing should be made a routine activity in order to keep the chances of bacterial infection at the minimum.

The Deputy District Public Health Officer,Mr. Stephen Mbeni  Musyoka 
demonstrates proper hand washing technique (Photo:Daniel 
Mr Robert Kusinga, Mutomo location’s chief  read the official speech on behalf of the Deputy county director who was absent.In his speech, the deputy county director indicated that little emphasis was being placed on hand washing and that they were using the children as change agents.He asked education officers at all levels to promote cleanliness.

During the occasion, the Deputy District Public Health Officer, Mr Stephen Mbeni Musyoka, demonstrated to the gathering how hand washing is done from a professional aspect.He also emphasised that children are very effective because they easily pass the information to the mothers.

“One is supposed to do hand washing after visiting the toilet, before and after preparing food, before and after eating food, before breastfeeding, after visiting sick people, after having an interaction with animals like milking and after doing any cleaning exercises and on arrival from any journey”, said Mr. Musyoka adding that 97% of communicable diseases are controllable if through good hygiene observation.

The District technical officer,Ministry of Water, Mr Benjamin Munyalo,said that most of the water they are getting in Mutomo especially in boreholes was very clean but people make it unclean by using dirty containers.He said that there is a need to boil the water and use aqua tabs.He also  advised those present to  get water from only designated water points and avoid destroying water pipelines as this not only risks their health but also defeats the governments effort to supply clean water to the public.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kitui South bursary fund launched

Dr.Rachael Nyamai (Centre) presents a dummy cheque
to Kitui South  Secondary school heads( Photo:Daniel Mwendo/
By Daniel Mwendo

One thousand and one hundred students from Kitui South Constituency will benefit from the Constituency’s school bursary this year. This is after the local Member of Parliament, Dr. Rachael Nyamai launched the Constituency’s bursary. The total funds given out from the CDF kitty amount to five million and seventy four thousand shillings.

The launching of the bursary had been delayed due to a CDF case in the Machakos high court pitting the former Member of Parliament and a Kitui South resident who has sued on behalf of other residents (public interest) on allegations of  mismanagement of funds.

The launching was done at Kanthi Good News Church of Africa (GNCA) church in Kandae Sub location of Mutomo District. Most needy students were selected from each of the 55 sub locations of the constituency. 20 most needy students were selected from each sub location.

The Member of Parliament promised school head teachers to work hand in hand with them to promote the level of education in the region. She also informed the school heads that she will assist twenty schools to get electricity connection in this financial year.

During this occasion, head teachers present out competed each other in marketing for their schools most of which are very new and with low student population.All the headteachers present promised quality education from their institutions.

Dr.Nyamai also informed residents present that two Government doctors had been posted to Ikutha and Mutomo district hospitals respectively.

“The Mutomo district hospital has already been supplied with twenty beds for the women ward,” said the politician adding that Mutha dispensary has also received hospital beds.