Friday, September 20, 2013

Do county Governments have proper policies for nurturing talents?

By Daniel Mwendo
Lule's art I (Photo:Daniel Mwendo/MCV)
We have different types of talents which God has given to each of us. To nurture these talents, combined efforts by leaders and professionals is required. Unfortunately in Kenya, talent discovery and nurturing has been taking the back seat and most of the youths with talents end up being wasted.

During games seasons, there are those pupils who go up to national levels and there is no follow up of these pupils to take them to respective talent academies so that they can be nurtured.

Since the government has devolved its functions to the county level, it is important that the counties set up talent academies and equip them properly so that we can have well trained youths who can compete at international levels. Take a good example of our fellow Kenyan athletics and the way they have excelled in this sport. Another good example is our footballers who have done well despite having done it through the hard way without any proper nurturing especially through academies.
Lule's art II (Photo:Daniel Mwendo/MCV)

For instance,Lule Ibrahim is a talented artist from Mutomo Township who has been doing wall hanging and masking arts and makes very good portraits. However, Lule’s biggest problem is finding market for his art. This more than ever stresses the need for good leadership which identifies talent at the grass root level as well as linking talented youth with the right market.

According to Lule, there are so many youths who are frustrated by life yet they have talents which they can use to earn their daily bread. He suggests that counties need to establish talent academies and start trade fairs for artist to showcase what they have made.

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