Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mutomo township enjoys improved education standards

By Daniel Mwendo

The standards of  education provision has gone a notch higher in Mutomo township as private academies have sprouted all over, all on a mission to providing quality education to the residents. The latest entrant into the field is St Christopher Rockview academy which opened its doors on 7th January this year.

Located approximately fifty metres off Kitui-Kibwezi road near Mbeke towers, the day primary school, boasts of an enrolment of forty seven pupils with classes ranging from pre-school to standard four. According to Crispus Mutia Kimutu, the proprietor, plans have been finalized to have standard five and six next term.

St. Christopher Rockview academy primary school
staff and pupils pose for a photo outside the school
(Photo/Daniel Mwendo :MCV)
“The school has very qualified teachers-two ECDE and four P1 trained teachers- who are able to give the children the tender lovely care they need for their mental development,” says Mr. Kimutu.

For Mutomo residents, the school is one of its kind for it is the only school with school van services in town. The proprietor says this measure is geared towards ensuring the pupils’ safety.

Bretta Malombe, a parent applauds the school van services stating that it avoids the parents unnecessary worrying about their children’s safety.

Pocket friendliness is a factor which gives the academy a competitive edge over its other private counterparts in the township. Additionally, to prepare the children to be digital compliant, plans have been finalized to have computer classes at the commencement of next term.

The school provides a balanced diet fruits inclusive and as we visited the school, the children were happily taking a half loaf of bread with soda, a fatherly gesture which Mr. Kimutu extends from time to time.

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