Monday, May 5, 2014

Two people die after accidentally drowning in a dam

By Daniel Mwendo
Two people died after accidentally drowning in Yambuu dam in Mutomo Sub-County early this morning. Mr. Ndiisya, a seasoned water peddler in Mutomo Township perished while trying to rescue Tonny Peter Moki, a form four student at Mutomo mixed secondary who had slipped into the dam. The dam is located about 1 KM away from Mutomo township.

Residents during the rescue operation 
(Photo:Daniel Mwendo /MCV
The day was a beehive of activity as residents converged at the dam to witness the sad incidence while  rescue efforts by fellow residents got underway. Mutomo police personnel arrived at the scene at around 9.15 a.m but with no rescue gear to retrieve the bodies, they concentrated on pushing away the curious crowd from the dam.

Kitui County Deputy Governor, Ms. Pennina Malonza arrived at the scene at around 11.00 a.m in company of CDF officials and galvanized the rescue operations which involved pumping out the water and using local divers for the rescue mission.

By around 4.30 p.m., Tonny Peter’s body was retrieved. However, by the time this reporter left the scene, water was still being pumped out with Mr. Ndiisya’s body still lodged in the dam.

Members of the public who were present expressed their shock at how the county has not factored in disaster preparedness in their development agenda.

Mutunga Musyoki, a resident said that he expected the county team to come with rescue gear. Another resident, Muthoki Ntheesya told this reporter that so far seven people have perished the same way in the dam.

“It is time that a piping system was connected to the dam and people barred from drawing water directly from the dam,’’ said Mr. Ntheesya.

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